Hotel Motel Owner Metal Platform Bed Testimonial

Hotel Owner Metal Platform Bed Testimonial

Acme Metal Products Metal Platform Bed

Jay Patel owns multiple hotels and loves Acme Metal Products Metal Platform Beds and Bed Bases.

ACME Metal Product has been creating solutions with metal since 1946 for the furniture & hospitality industries.  Our patent pending metal bed base is made of American steel at a competitive price.  Here’s what Jam Hospitality owner Jay Patel had to say about ACME Metal Products’ bed base solution:

“I actually came across ACME at one of the hotel trade shows and found out they were in Statesville and the pricing was reasonable, so we ended up giving them a shot.  Plus, it’s a local company, I can talk to (the owner) if I need something.  Even if I just need two sets of bed bases, I can go get them.  That was the benefit of them being in Statesville and being local.”

ACME Metal Products bed base protects from bed bugs infestation, lasts longer than wooden bed bases, it’s easy to install and competitively priced.  You can order two or two thousand.  No hassle.

“That’s your foundation.  That’s what all your beds are sitting on so as long as you’ve got that correct, regardless of what type of mattress you put on it you need to make sure your bed base is sturdy and solid, so you don’t have future problems. The product is great.  It works and it lasts.”

Jay Patel of JAM Hospitality speaks about Acme Metal Products Metal Platform Bed