I got and opened the box with my order today. I know nothing about metal fabrication, but I can tell a beautifully made thing when I see one.

I’m hoping Patrick, the guy outfitting my table, will get to the project soon. In the meantime, thanks so much for the great work.

All the best for the holidays,

-C. Tondreau

Josh – here’s a photo of the t-base with the live edge top installed. Looks great. I hope to get some additional orders soon.

Andy Beekman, Charleston Forge

“I can’t believe you built a metal table slide for my grandmother’s mahogany table for such a great price. Thanks to David for his patience and kindness.”


“The bed frame is wonderful! Thank you! I’ve never seen a bed frame like this. Thank you for providing me with the best. I’m grateful.GOD Bless You.”