Bed Bases For Hotels and Motels

Bed In Hotel Room

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Bed Bases for hotels and motels: Why choose metal hotel bed bases?

Bed bases for hotels and motels are a must for today’s hospitality industry.

Acme Metal Products is a hotel bed base manufacturer. Our metal bed bases for hotels and motels exceed the performance of hotel platform bed frames.

Avoid bed bugs

All-steel construction for the hotel style bed base minimizes bed bug concerns.

No more lost items and easy cleaning

Acme’s metal hotel bed base has a low profile that’s completely enclosed, helping you avoid the need to clean under beds and prevent the loss of articles left underneath beds. Have you ever left something behind at a hotel or relative’s home because it ended up under the bed? A bed base eliminates the chances of anything, literally anything, getting under a bed.

Lightweight and easy to assemble

Our metal hotel and motel bed base is lightweight and easy to assemble. Once the unit is assembled, it’s tied together and can easily be moved should the need arise to clean carpet or rearrange furnishings. Our metal bed base does not need to be disassembled for moving – no risk of losing parts and time.

A good night’s sleep

Bed comfort is paramount today. The Acme bed base for hotels and motels increases sleeping comfort.

Our mattress support system built into the bed base provides a necessary support tube under the shoulder area of sleepers. Most of a person’s weight is in the upper torso/shoulder area, so that’s where we put the support.

What’s unique about the Acme Bed Base?

Our engineers continue to perfect this product that saves time and money for hotels and motels.

Acme’s bed base for hotels and motels is made of durable steel with a baked-on finish, all done by hand. No lead paint concerns here. Yet, it’s lightweight with only a few parts. Our bed base includes bed supports with tubular support legs for maximum strength and stability as well as sleeper comfort.

The entire bed base fits into a small carton, making shipping easy and low cost.

Assembly takes only a Phillips screwdriver (a cordless drill with a Phillips driver makes the job go quicker). We have designed special “leader point screws” that will self-guide into the tapped tube members.

Every piece is made in our Statesville, NC facility. We have a USA-patent pending.

Acme Metal Bed Bases are available in full, queen, California king, and Eastern king bed sizes. Bed base heights include 6”, 7.5”, and 10.”

Download a PDF with easy assembly steps. Assembly is the same for 6”, 7.5”, and 10” heights and all hotel and motel bed sizes full, queen, and king.

We make the Acme bed base from high-grade steel as a freestanding bed base with mattress supports. We include tubular bed support legs for maximum strength and stability.


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